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  • Interest Rate: Check below RD Interest rates for various banks.
  • Compounding: It means when your money gains interest in a year, usually in most of the banks its "Quarterly"
  • Duration: Generally, minimum time period is 6 months and its usually multiple of 3.
  • Maturity Amount: It is the total amount that you will get after your time period.
  • Installment: Installment amount that you have to pay each month.

Recurring Deposit SBI Bank


  1. Minimum Deposit: Minimum monthly deposit is Rs.100 and also your monthly installment should be in multiples of Rs.10.
  2. Interest Rate: Interest rate is 8.25% for senior citizens and 8.0% for general citizens, it also varies on the tenure/duration of the deposit.
  3. Tenure/Duration: Minimum period is 12 months and maximum is 120 months(10 years).
  4. Penalty Changes for non deposit of installment: For account of period of 5 years or less, it will be Rs.1.50 per Rs.100 per month. And account of period of 5 years or above, it will be charged Rs.2 per Rs.100 per onth.
  5. Premature withdrawal: Premature withdrawal is allowed but rules for TDR/STDR are applicable.

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