Recurring Deposit Calculator

RD Calculator

It is simple web based recurring deposit (RD) calculator for calculating the maturity amount(money which you'll get after certain time period) for given fixed monthly deposit. You don't need to install any plugin or software. Just enter the values in above text fields and click "Calculate" button.

Using RD Calculator you can also calculate the "Monthly Deposit Amount" for achieving certain "Maturity Amount" after certain period of time.

Calculate Maturity Amount

Calculate Installment Amount

Heads Up!

  • Interest Rate: Check below RD Interest rates for various banks.
  • Compounding: It means when your money gains interest in a year, usually in most of the banks its "Quarterly"
  • Duration: Generally, minimum time period is 6 months and its usually multiple of 3.
  • Maturity Amount: It is the total amount that you will get after your time period.
  • Installment: Installment amount that you have to pay each month.

Why & When I shoud invest in RD, Recurring Deposit?

One should invest in RD, if he/she wants medium term capital gain. For example, you plan to buy a bike next year and you want to save some money with some capital gain. Its best to go with recurring deposit because it will give you more interest than your saving account.

Apart from this, inflation in India is around 4.2% as of October 2015. So the value of your money will decrease if you just simply put it in savings account, because interest rates are lower than RD interest rates.

Where I can open Recurring Deposit Account?

You can open recurring deposit account in almost all banks including DHFC bank, SBI bank, ICICI bank etc. You don't need to open new account in order to start RD, go to your bank and ask them to open RD account.

RD interest rates for all banks in India (as of May 2016)

Bank Name Interest Rates(%)
Post office 7.3
CitiBank 6.25
Deutsche Bank 7.25
Axis Bank 7.25
City Union Bank 7.75
Federal Bank 7.50
HDFC Bank 7.50
ICICI Bank 7.40
Karnataka Bank 8.00
Kotak Bank 7.50
KVB (Karur Vysya Bank) 7.75
Lakshmi Vilas Bank 7.80
Ratnakar Bank 8.00
TamilNad Merchantile Bank 7.80
Yes Bank 7.50
Allahabad Bank 8.00
Andhra Bank 7.50
Bank of Baroda 7.30
Bank of Maharashtra 7.60
Canara Bank 7.50
Central Bank of India 7.75
Corporation Bank 7.65
Dena Bank 7.50
IDBI Bank 7.75
Indian Overseas Bank 7.30
Oriental Bank of Commerce 7.75
Punjab National Bank 7.50
Repco Bank 7.00
State Bank of Hyderabad 7.50
State Bank of India, SBI 7.25
Syndicate Bank 7.50
Union Bank of India 7.00
Vijaya Bank 7.75 © 2016. All Rights Reserved.